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Starting out we need 4 things from you.

1.Name for your Degree. (And Bible School)

2.Title for Degree (You can change this but let us know early on.)

3.Address to send the Degree Package.

4.If you are applying for earned credit by studies and service please list your studies and experiences.

5.Also please use the same email thread (keep using return to reply so all your information is easy to find.)

Payments:Our policy requires payment up-front in full before starting any courses. This is standard policy everywhere and we have some of the lowest prices available so we find this quite reasonable.

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Independently organized graduation.




1. God has granted that all those who are justified would receive the grace of adoption, in and for the sake of his only Son Jesus Christ.1 By this they are counted among the children of God and enjoy the freedom and privileges of that relationship.2 They inherit his name,3 receive the spirit of adoption,4 have access to the throne of grace with boldness, and are enabled to cry “Abba, Father!”5 They are given compassion,6 protected,7 provided for,8 and chastened by him as a father.9  Yet they are never cast off10 but are sealed for the day of redemption11 and inherit the promises as heirs of everlasting salvation.12

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